Domain name change!

  • Friday, 14th May, 2021
  • 13:24pm


We all know that since Covid started last year finances became a big issue for most people.

In the past 5 years we never increased our prices on any of our packages as we want our clients to have constant prices, especially in times like this when everything goes up but your income stays the same. So, instead of having a price increase, we decided to look at alternative hosting providers to get better deals and thus keep our hosting prices the same. We found a new provider to accommodate our needs!

We therefor moved over to a new provider and had to change our domain name from to This however have no impact on any of our clients! Everything stays the same and most of our customers wont even realise that we changed anything. You can even still type in in your browser and you will get to our website. The only difference you will notice is that our emails are now being sent from instead of

Sometimes a small change can mean a huge saving, and that is why we did it. We still provide the excellent, reliable service we did before, we are just doing it from a new home!


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